There is a growing body of evidence, which indicates that creativity is good for your health in so many guises. It is no longer seen, merely, as a frivolous alternative to our more meaningful working hours. The Protestant work ethic has infected our culture for many centuries and we are only recently discovering that all work and no play can make Johnny and Joanne potentially unwell. Creative activities for young people with disabilities are not only great fun for them, they are, also, better for their overall health and wellbeing. Fear of fun can be put aside for once and all.

Creative Activities for Young People with Disabilities

There are so many great things for disabled kids and young adults to do. They can do them with the support of community groups set up for this purpose; and this can give their families and carers a much needed break. There are sporting activities like ten pin bowling, golf, cricket, basketball and soccer to enjoy. Outdoor activities under the wide blue sky can be a liberating and exhilarating experience for kids that have been cooped up inside for much of their lives. To laugh and run around, or wheel around, or to just be under the sun looking up at the sky above, can be enormously inspiring.

Creative activities for young people with disabilities can, also, include: art classes, cooking, horticulture, woodwork, drama workshops, visiting galleries, fun parks and museums. There are so many wonderful things to do and see. Get hooked up with a disabled community group and let them help spread the wings of life for your child. It is too easy to get bogged down in the fact that everything is too hard for the families and carers of disabled children. Things are hard when you are attempting to do everything off your own bat. One example of this is available here.

When you join a group things get a lot easier, together you can make life much more enjoyable fore the person that you are caring for. Art is such a great release for disabled people; and art is best served by a well set up studio or workspace. There are so many artists who work with groups of disabled students and they absolutely love it. Creating art is a mysterious process and it is not about being perfect. Great art is unique and judged on its own merits, unlike many other areas of our lives.