Life in the twenty first century is very much about utilising your own creativity in business, whatever industry you happen to be in. The digital age allows us all to be directly involved in how we go about doing business, across the board in all aspects. In the legal field, although still a highly structured and controlled profession, it is opening up in terms of things like marketing your practice. Governments and industry bodies are recognising that the world is changing ever faster, day by day, and the law needs to keep pace with the world it seeks to mediate and adjudicate.

Creative Lawyering: From Criminal Defence to Marketing

The law remains, fundamentally, about people; and lawyers are beginning to understand that they must cultivate relationships if they are to prosper. How they relate to their clients is shifting from fixed and sometimes rigid positions to more flexible and approachable stances. Lawyers are losing the jargon based communication styles, which alienated ordinary people and embracing a more conversant style of talking to their clients. Welcome to the new world, Rumpole of the Bailey! Criminal defence may still don the wig and robes in the highest courts of the land, but the human being beneath the costume sings a friendlier tune.

Creative lawyering: From criminal defence to marketing is a dynamic challenge for the legal profession in Australia today. A profession, which has been restricted by more red tape than a birthday box of chocolates is now opening up to new possibilities. An industry, which was formerly prevented from advertising or marketing itself, has been freed to reach out to this brave new world. Discovering the online opportunities through social media and a digital presence is exciting for this industry, but it must shake its old mind set. Click here for an example of the new lawyer marketing paradigm.

Remembering that the key to this profession is all about ‘people and relationships’, this needs to be interpreted through a firm’s online strategy. The creative challenge is to reach out to potential clients in their own digital spaces to offer legal services designed for the modern age. The law can be scary, but it can also be a friend when you most need it. Lawyers must be approachable and their services must come out from behind closed doors. Creative lawyers will use social media and their digital marketing to become part of the daily conversation. It is a new day and the legal profession needs to stand in the light online.