Let’s be real for a moment. We all talk about and read about the value of creativity, but how many of us are truly creative? How many of us live a creative existence? For the most part, many of us tow the line in our lives. We work for someone or something else that makes the creative decisions at work. We earn money to pay off the mortgage or the weekly rent. Why are so few of us living lives imbued with creativity? Is it our schooling and how we were raised by our parents? Was creativity really encouraged or was it, merely, given lip service?

Creativity was for Wildly Different People Like Artists

Security was emphasised in my home, when I was growing up. Getting a good job or career, even, was highlighted repeatedly throughout my schooling. Studying hard – other people’s ideas and knowledge. Passing exams based on knowing the details about concepts and the histories of others. There was not a great deal of creative based learning in my education. I am sure plenty of you reading this could relate to this reality in your upbringing and schooling. Creativity was for wildly different people like artists and performers. Artists were risk takers and that was not a sensible vocational pathway to take, according to my careers guidance counsellor.

Creativity is a Vitally Important Aspect of Our Lives

Lots of people hate the job they have and the work they have to do to earn the money necessary for their survival. This is a fact of life. Creating a better future is, probably, the first act of creativity many people must undertake to break the chains that hold them in unhappiness. Creativity is a vitally important aspect of our lives. Indeed, it may be at the core of who we are. Whether you wish to be gourmet food creators or something else, it the creative act that empowers the life around this career path. Alternatively, you may wish to create luscious cruelty free skincare to make the world a better place. Whatever it is, be it art, performance, literature, film, baked beans or cat food, do it creatively.

Creating a better future begins with you. You are in the driver’s seat, when it comes to making changes within your life. You are not a victim. Stop sitting at the back of the bus. Move into a position of influence within your own life. Take risks.